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PA Child Support Program

Child Support Estimator - Entry Form

Support Estimator Entry Form

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Help For County of Residence      
Help For Number of Children in This Child Support Action   *    
      Noncustodial Parent   Custodial Party
Help For Gross Income $ * $ *
Help For Tax Filing Status    
Help For Number of Dependents Claimed on Taxes    
Help For State Tax Rate   %*   %*
Help For Local Tax Rate   %*   %*
Help For Alimony, Spousal Support and Alimony Pendente Lite $  per Month $  per Month
Help For Child Care Expenses $  per Month $  per Month
Help For Health Insurance Premium for Children in This Child Support Action $  per Month $  per Month
Help For Union Dues $  per Month $  per Month
Help For Non-Voluntary Retirement $  per Month $  per Month

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