LIHEAP Benefit Amount Table

Please select the county where you live and the type of fuel you use to heat your home or a type you use for additional heat. LIHEAP benefits are calculated on income, household size, the fuel type and the heating region where you live. You must include all people who live your home or apartment and their income.

Click on the "Display Table" button and the benefit table for your county and the type of fuel you use is displayed. Select the correct yearly income range and household size that applies to you. The LIHEAP benefit amount will be displayed on the right side of the screen. Please note: As an applicant you have the right to choose the time period to be used in calculating your gross annual income. The time periods are the month prior to the month of application or 12 months. This income is then converted to a yearly amount to determine if you are eligible for LIHEAP and your benefit amount.