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PA Child Support Program

Payment Options

e-Payment Options

Pennsylvania EPPICard™

In August, 2004, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania implemented the new EPPICard™ program. Custodial parents can now access their payments online using a MasterCard® debit card. Your payments are automatically loaded onto the card. There are no charges incurred for a cash withdrawal from a teller at any financial institution that displays the MasterCard brand mark. If you withdraw funds from a MoneyPass network ATM your first transaction will be fee free for PA EPPICard cardholders. MoneyPass provides over 1200 ATM locations throughout Pennsylvania as well as approximately 20,000 ATM locations nationwide. MoneyPass ATMs are located inside convenience stores such as Sheetz, Rutters, and WAWA. The one free ATM transaction for PA EPPICard cardholders must occur at a MoneyPass network ATM. After using the one free transaction EPPICard users must pay the regular transaction fee (a communication line fee) at MoneyPass, PNC, and First Niagara ATMs. EPPICard cardholders who use their EPPICard at ATMs other than MoneyPass, PNC, and First Niagara will be charged additional surcharges based on the institutional fee structure for the ATM accessed. There is an ATM fee for balance inquires. You will always be advised about fees charges prior to completing your transaction. You may choose to cancel the withdrawal or balance inquiry and go to another ATM that does not surcharge or continue with your transaction. To learn more about EPPICard™!

Direct Deposit

You can set up an EFT account by contacting the PA State Collections and Disbursement Unit (SCDU) Customer Service Unit at 1-877-727-7238 OR obtain the EFT form from Obtain Forms.

  • You must have your own checking or savings account to set up an EFT account.
  • Please take the EFT form to your bank and have them complete Section 2 of the direct deposit form.