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PA Child Support Program

Formularios de Manutención de Menores

Child Support Forms

Use the link(s) below to open the appropriate form. Please print these forms, and complete the required fields.

Note: You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these forms. If you have difficulty in viewing any form, click here to obtain Adobe Acrobat Reader or any required updates.

Form Name Size  Description/Instructions
SSN Disclosure Notice 13 K The Social Security Disclosure form is provided to clients applying for Title IV-D support, to inform clients of how their SSN will be used in providing service.
Application for Child or Spousal Support (IV-D Application) 270 K Use this form if you do not already have a court order for support for one or more of your children. This form will start the court process to get you support payments. Contact your Domestic Relations Section to see if you must deliver the form in person.
Complaint for Support 949 K The Complaint for Support is a required, legal filing to begin a support case.
Intake Questionnaire 419 K This or similar information is needed by the Domestic Relations Section  to start the process of getting a support order for your child(ren). You should complete the form and take it along to the Domestic Relations Section when you go in for your first visit.